M-Files Quality Management

ISO 9001 LogoQuality management is important for all organisations. Some have very informal arrangements and would not even describe them as quality management where others have chosen to, or are mandated to by regulation.

Whichever category you fall into, then M-Files has the answer with one of its editions.

M-Files Standard

Even the Standard Edition enables you to implement a range of procedures to improve quality within an organisation. For example, it gives you a single repository for all your documentation and always presents you with the latest version so you are secure in the knowledge that you have the right information.

You may want to use templates to ensure you are creating consistent and accurate documentation whether they are proposals, contracts or other formal records. You will find that this paperwork can be created more quickly giving you greater time for other activities.

M-Files has the answer to your quality management needs

Some of these documents may need to be counter-signed or checked before issue. If so, you can use the M-Files workflow feature associated with the document type in question to help manage the process and give you an audit trial. Many companies find the feature-rich M-Files Standard Edition sufficient to underpin their quality needs.

M-Files for Compliance

As described on this site, there is an M-Files edition specifically designed for those organisations which have a formal requirement for compliance with standards or regulation. With the tools in this edition you can build a system for your particular needs far more cost effectively than other software products.

It may be that you only require one feature from the compliance edition such as e-signing. In this case there is the option of adding specific modules to M-Files Standard to meet that requirement.