Managing and Classifying Documents

Paper, PDF and OCR

Even though there is less paper coming across our desks many of the PDFs we receive are still not text searchable but encapsulated images. Overcome the first stage of converting images of whatever form by an OCR process to make them computer readable and you are in a position to start an intelligent search or discovery process of the material. Making documents intelligible allows for classification and informed decision about what action to take. That is where EzeScan excels.


Ezescan helps to automate all the activities above offering considerable time savings and reduction in manual processing. Obviously the more you need to process the greater the saving potential. But it does not stop there as Ezescan integrates with many document management, accounting and any other SQL based system to validate and automate the whole classification process to further enhance the quality of capture.


Above all this the discovery mode is probably the most impressive feature. Ezescan can analyse documents for regular expressions to search out relevant content whether that be to select the financial information from a invoice or identify personal identifiable information with automatic redaction capabilities.

Rapid Deployment

For the same reason we love M-Files because the ease and speed of deployment EzeScan is similarly quick to deploy so you can be reaping the benefits in days. Both systems work hand in glove which allow you to validate incoming material against M-Files content and store the resultant documents to M-Files populating the metadata automatically.


Because requirements differ widely you can select the elements you need. You can start with a single PRO module that can be used in dedicated mode or concurrently by a group. You may have many multifunction devices within your organisation so the SERVER module may be appropriate to manage the feeds from these units and other sources like email. There is also a Web Application that allows for rapid classification of documents which is especially useful for a distributed workforce.

No Constraints

Unlike many capture solutions you are not constrained by a fixed number of documents processed or have the price dictated by the size of the scanner you are using You simply pay for the functionality you require whether you process 500 or 1 million documents a month. Furthermore, should your needs grow then you simply add the components to meet the demand.