M-Files Document Management

M-Files Logo M-Files has moved on from simple document management and sets new standards for Information Management Systems. It delivers high adoption rates with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Most competing systems require weeks to install - M-Files can be installed in days!

M-Files is available in two editions – Standard and Compliance. Standard will be more than adequate for most Users but those with specific regulatory

M-Files is flexible. You can use M-Files on your own servers, in the Cloud or a hybrid of both. Immediately boost your productivity - access your information in seconds, wherever you are, through Windows, via a Web Browser, or on a smartphone or tablet.

M-Files can be installed in days rather than weeks!

Transform the way you do business, streamline processes and automate procedures by using M-Files’ powerful graphical workflow. Become more productive by using the true power of computing rather than trying to replicate manual folder-based filing systems.

M-Files’ dynamic metadata approach dispenses with traditional folders letting you organise and find information by what it is rather than where it resides. You no longer have the frustration of a document filed in the wrong folder being hidden in plain sight! Ensure you are looking at up-to-date documents with automatic version control and full activity audits.

Link M-Files to your other business software including Microsoft Office and many CRM or ERP systems. Linking to other data sources is really simple - in most cases requiring no programming or IT involvement. Have a look at the specific integration options that are already available on the additional modules page.

See what we mean

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