Major New M-Files Version

Announcing a new generation of the award winning software. It is available as a subscription only service in the cloud or on-premise, and is delivered with a rolling improvement cycle rather than the traditional periodic updates. Read more here.


  • Simple Pricing Structure incorporating all the main features that the great majority of users would ever need including combined on-premise and cloud licencing, core IML and AI components.
  • Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) that unifies information across systems like shared network folders, SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Box, Dropbox and more. Access these systems directly and immediately without migration.
  • AI-Powered Information Management incorporates artificial intelligence to assist users by improving and automating how documents and other content are tagged with metadata, such as class or type, customer, project and case, and even automatically assign permissions and initiate workflows.
  • Plans for Transition from previous versions to the new SaaS model that recognises your initial investment in M-Files.
  • Rolling Monthly Updates are now automatically delivered ending the disruption caused by periodically having to install a completely new version. New features will be delivered as bite sized improvements making them easy to digest.

M-Files LogoLearn more about the Intelligent Metadata Layer and transform the way you do business, streamline processes and automate procedures by using M-Files’ powerful graphical workflow. Become more productive by using the true power of computing rather than trying to replicate manual folder-based filing systems.

M-Files can be installed in days rather than weeks!

M-Files’ dynamic metadata approach dispenses with traditional folders letting you organise and find information by what it is rather than where it resides. You no longer have the frustration of a document filed in the wrong folder being hidden in plain sight! Ensure you are looking at up-to-date documents with automatic version control and full activity audits.

Use IML to manage all your content in without having to migrate from existing or legacy systems. See how IML works in the video linked above.

See what we mean

View the short videos and see how people like you use M-Files. Book a demo so we can take you through some common business processes. Or download the software and try it for 30-days.