M-Files Add-Ons

M-Files offers a considerable breadth of capability out of the box and most customers have no need to venture beyond, or even use all, the features on offer. Yet there are circumstances and specific situations for which particular add-ons have been developed. Some of which are described below:

Electronic Signing

The ability to electronically sign agreements and contacts is now a well-accepted practice and one that has legal validity. Even if you have a modest number of documents that need signing or you don’t get signatures when you really should as it is too much of a chore then we have solutions that simplify the whole process. We have M-Files integration options with well known providers including DocuSign and SignRequest so there is no reason to hesitate.

Controlled Documents

Most of us have to abide by regulations and industry standards; some more strictly than others. Whether it is a specific compliance issue or that you maintain Standard Operating Procedures within your business then you will need some type of formal document control.

M-Files has for many years provided quality and compliance systems in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals. The Controlled Document Suite offers a complete toolkit for this purpose. It incorporates electronic signing, major & minor versioning, enhanced workflows & audit plus a training component that ensures that standards are properly implemented.

Solution Templates

It can take many days or months to design the appropriate data structures for particular business activities, and even then, they will be subject to refinement when implemented. M-Files has pre-built a number of these environments so that you can hit the ground running. Of course, they will need adapting to your individual circumstances but it does give you a guide in the right direction. In more complex cases we can offer consultancy to assist you further.

Two particular Solution Templates stand out: namely Contract Management and GDPR. Both of these functions play a role for the majority of businesses and getting it wrong can incur significant adverse financial consequences.

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