M-Files Additional Modules

M-Files Standard has most of the functionality that an organisation would normally require. We find that very few customers need any of the additional modules as there is a good deal of integration already built in. For example, M-Files Standard directly integrates with the Microsoft Office suite and has the ability to link with other databases. M-Files can store and manage just about any file type – not just document files.

Included in M-Files for Compliance

There are a number of additional modules that can be purchased to supplement M-Files Standard if the need arises. These modules are already included with the M-Files for Compliance edition.

  • OCR
  • Reporting
  • Electronic Signatures
  • PDF Processor
  • Advanced Document Control
  • Training Management
  • Object Creator

Specific Integrations

The following are specific integrations with other popular software products. More are being added all the time but you may find the standard database connection tools available in all editions will facilitate your own integration - especially for systems developed in-house.

  • M-Files web part for SharePoint
  • M-Files plug-in for Salesforce CRM
  • M-Files plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • M-Files plug-in for SAP
  • M-Files connector for SAP Archivelink
  • Yammer integration

Further Modules

Some futher modules that may be of interest include:

  • Trusted Digital Signatures
  • Smart Card Signatures
  • GANTT Chart View
  • Importing Tools

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