M-Files Training

Filing cabinetsThose of you who have used M-Files know how intuitive and easy to use it is. However, you may be missing some absolute gems as the software has more to offer than maybe apparent on first use. To derive the maximum benefit from the software we highly recommend training of administrators and users.

We offer a range of options from one-on-one sessions to class room training covering specific and advanced topics such as the Compliance kit. To complement these there is the new Training Subscription which offers life-long self-paced training to administrators and users as described below. We highly recommend that every M-Files customer subscribes to the programme particularly as it is priced attractively even for the smallest configurations.

M-Files Academy Subscription

End-user video training for your entire organisation at a flat fee

One Administrator license for all available eLearning courses

Easy access to always up-to-date training material

Benefits for Administrators

  • Administrators gain access to full M-Files Academy catalogue*
  • Content includes: Interactive learning, certifications, video training
  • Material is updated frequently to the latest version of M-Files
  • Discover new information when you need it and at your own pace
  • Get up-to-speed quickly & identify new use case possibilities
  • Topics include: Metadata Structure, Permissions, Workflows, etc.

* The subscription fee includes one administrator eLearning license.
Additional licenses can be purchased separately.

Benefits for End-Users

  • Every end-user gains access to end-user specic training videos covering key M-Files features, such as: saving, search, & views.
  • These concise videos will quickly get users up-to-speed on how to utilise the features that matter most to them.
  • Users can learn at their own pace -- Users have the ability to come back to the frequently updated training material.

End-User Training

  • Getting Started with M-Files
  • Introduction to M-Files
  • Save Information in M-Files
  • Modify Information in M-Files
  • Using Views Efficiently
  • Quick Search
  • Emails and Links in M-Files
  • Power Up Your Know-How
  • Advanced Search
  • Creating Personal Views
  • Grouping Information in M-Files
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Assign a Task to your Colleague
  • Follow What’s Happening in M-Files
  • Working Online with M-Files
  • Change Check-in Default Settings
  • Extras
  • Additional Material
  • User Guide Videos
  • M-Files 2018 New Features Webinar

Administrator Training

  • M-Files Essentials
  • Welcome to M-Files
  • Basics of Working in M-Files
  • Sales Process and Project Turnover
  • M-Files User
  • Welcome to M-Files
  • Working in M-Files
  • Processes and Workflows in M-Files
  • M-Files Email and External Systems
  • M-Files IT Administrator
  • Implementation of the M-Files System
  • Efficient M-Files System Maintenance
  • M-Files in Intranet and Extranet Use
  • Replication of Data
  • M-Files QMS User
  • Welcome to M-Files QMS
  • Controlled Document Creation
  • Learning Management in M-Files QMS
  • M-Files Business Administrator
  • Management of the M-Files Metadata Structure
  • Definition and Use of M-Files Views
  • Management of Processes and Workflows with M-Files
  • Versatile Management of M-Files Permissions