Business Process Improvement

Picture of form and pencil Talk of productivity, or lack of it, seems to be a hot topic today. Like the British cycling teams that have made continual incremental improvements to win more than their fair share of competitions every business can benefit from continually improving processes and practices.

Manufacturing processes have evolved over the years out of all recognition yet administrative and office practices have hardly changed since the 1980’s when the PC was launched. While the introduction of the PC was a step change allowing people to write their own letters and play with spreadsheets there is still a huge amount of paper shuffling going on.

Automating the back office

There is tremendous opportunity to improve business processes in back office functions. The opportunities are significant because there is tried and tested software to help what has been a largely neglected area in many businesses. Authoritative surveys put saving as 16% or more. Set this against a software cost of under £1 per day per person and you can appreciate the potentential benefits and scale of savings.

Every business can benefit from improving processes and practices

M-Files is independently rated amongst the class leaders in document and enterprise content management. While you get savings through fewer errors and incorrect documents being referenced by storing your electronic documents, paperwork and emails in the system it is only part of the story. Automating business processes by translating them into computer based workflows is where major savings are made. In fact that is an ideal time to examine existing methods of working to see what can be done better – not, what is a common statement, “we’ve always done it that way”.

Use computing power effectively

In some cases the sheer volume of information that computers generate can be overwhelming so it important to be able to manage this in a coherent way. This is the other side of what a good document and content management system like M-Files can help you with, including emails.

For a simple example of how this works look at the diagram on the workflow page. This has taken a straight forward case where a document goes through a number of hands before it can be issued. The process is wholly controlled by the system, can automatically warn if deadlines are breached and keeps a full audit trail so you can demonstrate that the work is being done correctly. Another factor that has a dramatic impact for some is that you can operate anywhere on almost any device including tablets and smartphones.

We can help you realise these improvements for your business or simple show example of how simply it can be achieved. We are only one phone call or email away.