Picture of gearwheels M-Files has a sophisticated, graphically driven, workflow engine to manage and automate business processes. That sounds very impressive but what does it mean in practice? For those in the know, this is the area of an Enterprise Content Management system where huge cost savings, productivity improvements and better quality can be achieved.

There are huge opportunities for improvement

All organisations have repetitive tasks and procedures. Automating them, taking out manual steps and demonstrating that they are done in accordance with prevailing rules saves significant time and money. If you’ve ever missed a deadline because staff failed to do their jobs on time, if things have sometimes fallen down the cracks or your auditors failed to go away happy then workflow can help you.

M-Files does not require you do everything straight away but allows you to implement improvement incrementally. Kaizen - the Japanese concept of incremental improvement is the method by which small cumulative changes result in major improvements over time.

There has been a move away from paper driven processes but many organisations have only moved on to using email and Excel spreadsheets. This still leaves huge opportunities for improvement. When you are required to adhere to standards or have to comply with regulation then it is impossible to guarantee without a system such as M-Files.

See how a simple contract process may work here:

M-Files Contract Workflow
A Typical Contract Workflow